cooperation with Noemi Varga

Dignity: 1.calm, serious and controlled behaviour that makes people respect you
2.the opinion that you have of the standard of your own importance and value

Therefore human dignity is a quality which make us feel human, or even more precisely valuable. But where does this feeling come from? What factor triggers this elevating state of mind? As we humans are social beings, dignity can come from companionship, as in the respect and love of people around us. Popularity and quality relationships evoke respect in our close environment and add up to our general well being. But is it possible to state that it gives us the so sought-after feeling of human dignity?
If that is the state of things, the question remains, that in our century, where global loneliness is a well-documented fact what is the consequence of it all. When a lonely person is viewed less worthy than a popular one, what can we do against it?
As our self-esteem erodes day to day as we are unable to forge human relationships man as in all situations looks for a substitute, which in several cases is a pet, most commonly a dog to be exact. In this case the dog serves as a tool to prove our capability to maintain emotional and social relationships. The unconditional trust which is between the dog and its owner serves as a self justification that we are still loveable and valuable beings and therefore restores the person’s dignity. Still, one question remains, whether the relationship between man and pet can really substitute for human connections, even so as the dog gains human characteristics. For example wears clothes, sleeps in bed and receives expensive and pointless toys.